Stable, Precise, True HD

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Stable, Precise, True HD

Know Exactly What You Need From Your Remote Design Tools

Deskln's high performance remote design software makes it applicable for extended business cases

3D Modeling and PBR

3D Modeling and PBR

Original Illustration

Original Illustration

Engine Development

Engine Development

Film and Animation

Film and Animation

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing

Chip Design

Chip Design

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DeskIn's True HD is All Set for Your Product Design Remote Work

4K high-definition picture without losing design details

0.05 second senseless latency, click where the mouse points

Lagging rate ≤ 0.3%, smooth work is more efficient

Compatible with 2048 levels pressure sensitivity tablet, the coordinate pressure is accurate

Offer a new experience of remote design

Easy to Use True HD, Far More than HD

Stable. Smooth. Low Latency. High Availability
Seeing is not believing, but experience never lies.
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First RTC Engine

Remote Experience Rejuvenate "Core"

RTC is a cutting-edge technology designed for real-time high-definition. It reconstructs and optimizes the entire audio video encoding, network transmission, and image processing processes. It is also an essential framework for next-generation 4K ultra-high-definition real-time transmission.

DeskIn's introduction of the RTC engine into remote access software is a huge step in the industry, but only a small step in DeskIn's pursuit of the ultimate user experience.

First RTC engine
Long-lasting stability

Stable Connectivity Fostered

Hassle-Free Creative Design Process

If the connection is interrupted during remote design work, it will not only interrupt the design ideation, but also may cause the loss of unsaved content.

DeskIn's exclusive transmission algorithm can withstand more violent network jitter. It has intelligent network routing planning to actively bypass congested lines, multi-pronged approaches to ensure stable connection, and it helps your remote design just in one go.

Smooth Viewing Angle Rotation and Screen Zooming

Immersive Design is Efficient

Graphics work requires frequent zooming and viewing angle rotation. Network lagging and stuttering will seriously affect the experience, causing designer's anxiety and fatigue.

In the new high-definition version, DeskIn cooperates with the RTC framework to optimize multiple core algorithms, and in the real machine environment of home broadband, 2K images can also be displayed smoothly at 60 frames per second.

Low latency

Insensible Low Latency

Precise Operation Comparable to Your Experience on a Local Computer

The DeskIn HD version has an ultra-low latency as low as 0.05 seconds, which is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Whether it is mouse movement, text input or tablet touch, you can immediately see the corresponding response on the screen, and the operating experience is almost the same as that on a local computer.

Ultra-low latency allows creators to make every action without waiting, greatly reducing misoperations and improving the quality of remote design work.

Good High-Definition Remote Design Tools Inseparable from a Good Network

DeskIn OTT built-in SD-WAN network optimization

Richer forwarding nodes and available routes.
Real-time intelligent routing planning to avoid congestion.

Traditional BGP equipment room forwarding

There is no intercommunication or networking between the computer rooms, so the global optimal line cannot be obtained.
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